Jesus March 2023 USA

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March alongside thousand of believers to bring revival to cities across America through a bold proclamation of Jesus. 

Photos from Our Last Jesus March – Phoenix, AZ March 2023

What To Expect During The March

Evangelism Training

We do evangelism training on how to share the Gospel before the start of every march.

Worship & Prayer

A significant aspect of the March event is dedicated to worship and prayer


We proclaim the name of Jesus in chants and preach the Gospel at stops along the march route.

Alter Calls & Baptisms

Alter Calls for healing, deliverance, and salvation as well as baptisms at most march locations.

Our Vision

The vision behind the march is to gather with believers in every city throughout the USA to proclaim the name of Jesus and make Him known. 

As we stand together in His name, we are believing for God to change a generation through a bold proclamation of the victory of Jesus Christ.

We want to see the body of Christ equipped to share the Gospel, walking in Unity, and burning for Jesus with all their heart. 

Jesus March 2023 Tour Dates & Cities

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Jesus March is absolutely free to attend in every city. We do ask participants to register so that we can have an idea of the approximate amount of people attending.

Every Jesus March tends to be different based on the city and location. However, The average time from the start of the event to the end is about 4 hours total with approximately 1 hour allocated to the march itself.

We try to keep the walking distance of the march at approximately 1 mile or less, with 1-3 stops along the way.

The Jesus March begins with a gathering at our starting location. Before the event starts, we hold a practical evangelism training for participants who come early.

Once the event begins, we take about an hour to worship and pray for the city before we start marching.

After the initial gathering, we start the march and move through a specific route that covers significant areas of the city. We make 1-3 major stops along the way, singing and chanting the name of Jesus as we walk. During stops, we take the time to pray, worship, and preach the Gospel message.

The march route is designed to loop back around to our starting location. After the march, we continue with worship and share a message about Jesus, followed by altar calls for deliverance, healing, and salvation/rededication. Finally, the march usually ends with us baptizing participants who have dedicated their lives to Christ.

We are a non-denominational organization that partners with churches and ministries that abide by the core tenets of the Christian faith. For a better understanding of our beliefs, please refer to our statement of faith page.

Hosting the Jesus March in several cities across the USA requires a significant investment of resources. We prioritize our locations by seeking God’s direction through prayer and fasting. If you would like to help us expand the reach of the Jesus March to other cities, please consider partnering with us through our give page.

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